Jun 28, 2011

A Lil Update

The past week quite been a stressful event for me.

For once I am so gungho for the KL run but backed out at the last minute.
Why? Not because I chicken out but I had on off fever for the last 3 days before the run.
Why? Not because of flu or cough or sore throat.
Why? It's all because I ate too much!!
Yes. I didnt realise I could have fever because I ate too much.
Apparently, my stomach couldnt take the amount of fried and spicy food that I ate in the pasar malam and I didnt even know that. That was not the worst part. The worst was, I went to see a doctor asking him why am I having this on off fever and he prescribed me normal antibiotics. Then everytime I ate some food and the medicine, I realised I will have fever but if I stopped eating, my temperature is back to normal. Didnt know that until I stopped the medicine and I am back to normal. So, moral of the story.. dont over eat!

But on a happy note, I am finally finished with the paint job at my new home. It looks so pretty now and reno works gonna start this week. I still have little things to stress over such as where the hell to get a 12 feet curtain railing for my room but things are beginning to fall in place.

On a happy happy note, finally had the salary revision.


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