May 15, 2010

All about TVB

The fact that I love watching TVB series is a well known fact to all my close friends. Those genre that I love most is mo hup with all the brotherhood and secret kung fu sect. One of my all time favourite is Legend of Condor Heroes, the 82 version. Damn crazy bout that series when I was just only 10 watching it.

And my obsession with Lam Fung also is not a secret. Imagine I even went for his concert in Genting last few months even I didnt get a room to stay over. I had to resort sleeping around Starbucks and going into casino to pass the night away but listening to his singing live was worth!! :). It all started with Survivor Laws, the first series I watched with him in. In fact I think the character he acted was the dream guy for all girls..knitting in the park!!..awwww ..speaking of that I must rewatch the series.

Anyway if Lam Fung is my favourite TVB star, who is the actress that I love most.....
She's none other than Yeung Yi.. we shared the same name..both also Ah Yi and now the same hairstyle..XD

My top five favourites would be such:

1. Raymond Lam
Favourite series is of course Survivor Law, Eternal Happiness, The Last Breakthrough

2. Yeung Yi
She's the main reason I watched Moonlight Resonance. Find that she is really pretty in ancient series

3. Steven Ma
Again he's good in ancient series ..Safe Guards and Gentle Crackdown 2

4. Wayne Lai
He's good in Rosy Business and who can forget the unforgetable Pig in Journey to the West

5. Moses Chan
He should act more in comedy. So funny in Gentle Crackdown


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