May 15, 2010

Naxos, Greece (5 Aug 2009)

From Santorini, we took the 4pm ferry to Naxos, another less well known island but nevertheless gorgeous in her own way. Extracted from Wikipedia, this is the mystical story of Naxos

One legend has it that in the Heroic Age before the Trojan War, Theseus abandoned the princess Ariadne of Crete on this island after she helped him kill the Minotaur and escape from the Labyrinth. Dionysus (god of wine, festivities, and the primal energy of life) who was the protector of the island, met Ariadne and fell in love with her. But eventually Ariadne, unable to bear her separation from Theseus, either killed herself (according to the Athenians), or ascended to heaven (as the older versions had it)

Back to pictures. Caught anther stunning sunset here with my travelmate as my model ..:)

sunset against Portora

my model posing


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