May 11, 2010

My top 25 travel destinations around the world

My version of top 25 destinations around the world would be such:

1. Rome, Italy
It's my first European city I ever visited and like people always say..first love is the deepest
I love the fact that Coliseum is smacked right at the middle of the city and true her name 'The Eternal City', Rome does make one feels like you are in the middle of some middle age /roman war. Plus..drinking water aplenty everywhere..chilling to the bone during the hot Italian summer

2. Edinburgh, Scotland
I love Scotland as a whole plus where can you find men in skirts :)
The place where I spend my entire year. I can walk and walk and still find the whole walking experience enjoyable..It's the place where one can find castles, lakes, mountains (the famous Arthur seat), four season in a day, old and new town separated by a railway station plus it's the gateway to the Scottish highlands..plainly speaking, I just love Edinburgh !!

3. Machu Picchu, Peru
My inital plan is to actually go to Mexico before flying back to Malaysia but since the H1N1, change the whole plan and end up in Peru. No regrets. The first sight of Machu Picchu can blew anyone away.. words cant even describe what the feelings. Plus it's always been a dream for me to see her upclose after seeing some documentary on tv. Peru is a country full of culture, desserts, Andes mountain, alpaca meat, guinea pig meat (it taste like roast pig though), colourful people...

4. Lake Titicaca, Peru
I got a winning picture from here.. simply love the idea of man made floating islands

5. Oia, Greece
The most famous town in Santorini and probably around the world for her amazing sunsets. The white washed little houses against the blue sky backdrop is simply too romantic to write in words. Would definately come back here for honeymoon (if I ever get married that is)

6. Petra, Jordan
The rose red city, Indiana Jones filming location plus Transformer filming location. I am overwhelmed by this place. Can just sit and stare and stare

7. New York, US
Broadway, Statue of Liberty, amazing night views, the busiest city in the world. Even a song was name after this city

8. Hong Kong
Food food food. I love Hong Kong for the delicious Dim Sum, Wan Tan Mee, Tau Foo Fa, Curry fishball, basically any Canto food is good here. Plus tonnes of shopping.

9. Istanbul, Turkey
Masjid Biru aka the Blue Mosque, blend of eastern and western culture plus delicious Turkish Delight and Turkish apple tea (speaking of that I still have that packet of tea inside my fridge)
Kebabs you cant get in other places and liberal Muslim country..what can I say more

10. Abu Simbel, Egypt
One of the magnificient and in my opinion a better than the overrated Pyramids of Giza. In Cairo, the pyramids is in the middle of taman perumahan but to get to Abu Simbel, one needs to wake up in the wee hours of morning and drive with the military convoy for 4 hours to get it's one of the better remains of the great Ramses and his wife Nefertari. Abu Simbel was shifted to the current place here when the Aswan dam was built. Remarkably, the whole place was restructured perfectly.

11. Fussen, Germany
Real life Disney's's a dream come true

12. Barcelona, Spain
Gaudi works, Sagrada Familia.. one cant hate Barca

13. Florence, Italy
I love this place for the fact that it's laidback, Triumph of Skies is filmed here, and it's full of Renaissance.. has one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, Ponte Vecchio. Who can ignore the delicious Italian pasta and the chilling gelato

14. Transylvania, Romania
The famous Dracula city. Vampires legend orginate from here. One of the mysterious and in my opinion the best, coolest Eastern Europe city. Where can you find singing and dancing in the bus and communicating using hand gestures practically all the time..

15. Venice, Italy
La Serenissma..the city of water. It's a totally different city here, basically floating on the sea. canals everywhere and dont even bother to read the map, there are too many small roads which is not even in the map.. Lost yourself among the tiny and winding roads and you bound to find some treasures along the way. A word of advice though, Venice can get pretty smelly during the peak summer months

Ok..I admit I kind of give up after writting at 15..just darn lazy to continue to 25...if plus with my previous top ten lists of places to go..I got myself this top 25 destinations..muahahaha


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