May 15, 2010

Oia- Santorini , Greece (4 -5 May 2009)

Little Greek houses against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea

We reach Santorini island in the early morning after the 12 hour night ferry from Athens. Santorini is by my opinion is the most romantic place in the world with white washed little houses perched against the cliff. We washed up and continue to explore Santorini. We rented a motorbike to travel around as the island is quite big. Stock up with a gigantic coke to quench our thirst, we went around the island. Due to the fact that land is scarce in this island, hotel room prices is pretty expensive. It costs about 50 euros for a shared room.

Oia is one of the most beautiful town in Santorini island and in fact I would say around the world. To watch the sunset here, one needs to get to the hot spots early, 2-3 hours before sunset and practically every standing and seating spot will be taken up. I will stop here and let the pictures do the remaining talking. The scenary is just too gorgeous to be explained in words

me and my travelmate

another church

one of the churches. churches here have a similiar dome like the mosque but with a cross above

I like how the sun shines on the left side of the building

little white houses perch on the cliff

caps and t shirts

magnets and magnets and magnets

the world famous sun set..

one of my favourite piece due to the romantic colours :)

night view of Oia

Since I have so much photos on Santorini, decided to spilt the post into two. Will post about the Fira town in the next one. Fira is another town located in the same island with similiar breathtaking scenaries...


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