May 22, 2010

Cotton Castle, Turkey (8 Aug 2009)

Cotton Castle also known as Pamukkale is a very famous site nearby Selcuk and considered one of the UNESCO world heritage. The site contains travetines (some sort of carbonate minerals which flows for many many years) and hot springs.

We travelled to Pamukkale via a local tour from Kusadasi with some detour to the nearby hotel for some hot spring bath and buffet lunch. Visitors to Pamukkale is not allowed to wear shoes on those travertines to prevent the site from further destroyed. The first site of Pamukkale is astounding!! The whitish of the site can be seen from afar and it does looks like a cotton castle, true to its name. It was so white until you need to wear sunglasses (ok, I am kind of over the top with the story but you get the picture). There are two more familiar sites such as Pamukkale, one in HuangLong Sichuan, China and another in the US in Yellowstone Park.

I think I have fallen in love with Turkey!!

looks like cotton but feels like rock

all barefooted

me enjoying a dip in the cold spring water


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