May 7, 2010

Top 25 Destinations in the World

I read this article in tripadvisor about the top 25 destinations in the world as voted by the travellers. Seems like more European countries than other

1. Monte Carlo, Monaco
been to this city..consider as one of the most expensive city in the world

2. Heidelberg , Germany
not been to

3. Salzburg, Austria
can see a lot of traces from Sound of Music.. one of my favourite too

4. Florence, Italy
definately this is in my list as the laidback culture

5.Lucerne, Switzerland
ok ok..I went there when it was really cloudy

6. Tokyo, Japan
never been to

7. Venice, Italy
Not a very very favourite but nevertheless I agree it's a must visit if one in Italy

8. Siena, Italy
never been there

9. Rome, Italy
my favourite city. In fact one of the top in my list

10. Hamburg, Germany
never been there.

11. Sydney, Australia

12. Amsterdam, Netherlands
nothing special except for the canals and the red district

13. San Francisco, California
I so love Golden Gate Bridge..can say my first love of bridges

14. Prague, Czech
yup..totally agree

15. Queenstown, New Zealand
never been there

16. Berlin, Germany
nothing that spectacular but go for the Berlin wall.. it's so famous that it's a sin not to visit this

17. St Petersburg, Rusia
wanted to visit here one day

18.Munich, Germany
love the beer and plus it's an hour away from Fussen..a fairytale town

19. Stockholm , Sweden
narrow streets and good looking prince..what I can say more

20.Barcelona, Spain
totally agree..who couldnt love Sagrada and all Gaudi's works

21. Edinburgh, UK
I stay here for 1 year..need I's my very personal favourite

22. Copenhagen, Denmark
Love the colourful Nyhavn and the pastries

23. Bruges, Belgium
been to Belgium but not this place

24. Victoria, British Columbia
never been to

25. Cape Town, South Africa
Going to SA this coming June for FIFA world cup..:D

the link to the places can be see here

coming own personal top 25 destinations in the world


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