Apr 17, 2011

The After Sunset

Fisherman's wharf @ Danshui

What would you do if you are suppose to capture the supposingly most beautiful sunset in Taipei and the weather is crappy with lots of clouds and looks like gonna rain anytime?

I was really dissapointed not be able to capture the famous sunset in Danshui when I was in Taipei last month. Saw some pictures from my friend's blog and it looks stunning. And yea, I admit I am kind of the 'sunset' collector as most of the time I couldnt wake up on time for sunrise :)

Those sunrise that I managed to capture also mostly because of some incidences (like missing my boat ride to Santorini or waking up at 4am to go all the way to Abu Simbel)

So it's kind of frustrating not to collect another sunset in my portfolio but then these scenary instantly cheered me up. Not sunset but I guess you could call it the after sunset...dusks

I love the romantic colours of the after sunset