Apr 29, 2011

Which One?

Krakow, Poland

I am sorting out some of my old photos to be blown up and hang at my future living room hall and I might be also hanging some photos at my bedroom. I kind of like the first one where it gives me a very wintery feel and very likely to hang that at my living room. Already envisioned my living room with white walls, white and black cabinets and of course the mandatory book shelf and not forgetting my cliche red sofa!! Haha.

So I am kind of torn between these few shots. Need 3 more for the bedrooms.

Charles bridge, Budapest

Oia, Santorini

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Venice, Italy


Benmore Botanic Garden, Scotland


  1. Hmm...i kinda agree with you. I like the Krakow one too! As for bed rooms, i think i'd prefer something more soothing/calm like the one in Sun Moon Lake or Venice. The one in Santorini looks great too!

  2. Jing Yi; I would pick, Krakow of Poland, Oia of Santorini, Sun Moon Lake of Taiwan. So, you will have a set of forest, sea & buildings! =)

  3. i like the 1st 2 photos personally as wallpaper =D

  4. thanks gals for the opinion! I am hoping I could capture some good shots of NYC here.