Apr 23, 2011


One of my favourite 'must shoot' scenary would be reflections.

Reflections could be from the water (which are most of my photos), glass, mirrors, etc.

What so special of photographing a mirror image of a subject? Just check out the photos and see.

The photo which started it all
Florence, Italy 2008

And also from this
Zaans Schans, Holland 2008

Versallies Palace, France 2008

Stockholm, Sweden 2009

Nile river sunrise, Egypt 2009

The Parliament at Bern, Swiss 2009

townhall at Basel, Swiss 2009

Pamukkale, Turkey 2009

Copenhagen, Denmark 2009

View of the Frederiskborg Castle, Denmark 2009

Nyhavn at Copenhagen, Denmark 2009

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010

Inside the Alcazar garden
Seville, Spain 2009

Alhambra, Granada Spain 2009

And of course my most famous picture
Lake Titicaca, Peru 2009

Yosemite National Park, USA 2007

During the highland tour, Scotland 2008

View from my safari lodge
Kruger Park, South Africa 2010

Kruger Safari, South Africa 2010

Swaziland 2010

View from the cable car
Lantau Island, Hong Kong 2010

Wan Chai harbour, Hong Kong 2010

Storm, my cousin's dog
CNY 2011


  1. wow...I must say that they are all so beautiful. GOOD JOB Jing Yi!!!

  2. Yeah! Awesome!! :D I'm a fan of "reflection" myself. But I have to agree with Melissa - you really did a great job capturing them!!

  3. Beautiful shots, I absolutely love photos with any kind of reflection. When there is water, the atmosphere becomes special.
    Your photo on the Lake Titicaca is amazing, I love how all those bright colors reflect on the water.

  4. thanks kc and mel..I think sometimes, it all depend on luck to capture such scenary.

    Angela, totally agree with you.
    Btw, I won a second prize on tht Lake Titicaca photo, tht's why I love it so much :)