Apr 1, 2011

International Flora Expo in Taipei

While in Taipei, we took the advantage to visit the International Flora Expo which was held there since November 2010. By the time we reached Taipei from Taichung, it was almost noon and we bought the afternoon ticket which was worth only NTD200. The flora expo is just a stone throw away from the Yuanshan MRT line and there were plenty of signs to direct us to the right station. The expo is divided into 4 main areas which shuttle busses are provided to visitors within all the parks.

Lugging our big ass camera (I like to call my DSLR that), me and my friend were crazily shooting macro shots of the flowers while my brother and his friend were shivering in cold...hehe

Anyway here’s some of the photos taken during the flora expo. Personally, I prefer the parks in Yang Ming Shan 陽明山國家公園 as when we were there, it was the cherry blossom season and it was such a sight! Flora expo is just too crowded with tourists but nevertheless it’s still worth checking out as there were plenty of different flowers for the feast of the eyes.


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