Apr 8, 2011

Something "Light"

I was having this conversation with one of my photography kaki during lunch about the technicalities of photography. I do admit that I wasn't up to the professional stage where they focus more on aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc..

Dont get me wrong, I do know what those things are and how they work (the world wide web do help a lot!) but I am more to the believer that photography itself should be about the right angle and the right mood. A bad lighting of photo can be corrected via photoshop but if you took a bad angle photo, then it cant be corrected via post processing (unless you crop it though).

And again, I am seriously very bad in post processing photos. Most of the ones that I upload here were only corrected on brightness and contrast. I even had some fair share of bad photoshop photos but most of the time, I was just too lazy to do any processing..haha...

Anyway my rule of thumb is 90% shooting 10% processing !


  1. So true, man! I think the composition and the creativity of the photographer is what makes a photo really stand out. The camera is merely a tool! Hahaha...well, at least you know all those photography "technical" terms. I am completely lost... :D

  2. Haha KC. You know what..just point and shoot

  3. Yeah, leave those "dumb" point-and-shoots to me. I hope you're well prepared for our expedition, coz you know i count on you! Hahaha...

  4. Dont worry, I will make sure you look nice during our expedition though I think it's gonna be heavy for me to carry those lens while treking..haha

  5. hahaha....ya. I agreed that the right angle & correct lens are both important. Well...some ppl would prefer the outcome to look just natural without much editing. Like "Jenny Sun". (love her wedding photography) =)

  6. and Mel, you probably wont believe that most of my photo shots are taken using my cheapo 18-55mm kit lens..haha
    and yea i love her wedding shots too