Apr 9, 2011

Lake Titicaca - Taquile Island

so blue sky and blue lake

Skipping some updates on Taiwan and back to Peru, more specifically Lake Titicaca. I think I may have ranted too many times here on how much I enjoy the highest navigable lake in the world and how the colours of the sky and the lake alone are so mesmerising and not forgetting my winning photo. Continued from Uros Island, we then cruised to another bigger island on the lake by the name of Taquile. Here, we had our lunch of fresh fish and chips. One thing I found out here is that eggs generally is more expensive as according to our guide, it is more difficult to obtain eggs than fish.

a lady setting up her stall for crafty souvenirs

this is such a cute picture
all too hungry waiting for lunch

getting some sunshine while waiting

We then continued our 1 hour hike to the other side of the island passing by farms, villages and even schools. As usual, my tour group shopped at every single opportunity which me and Adri were not excluded. We bought some friendship bands from some children for 1 sol. Kind of expensive but it's one way we could help those children. After almost 2 hours hike (yea, we took longer than planned and we were almost the last to arrive at our boat) we finally reach the other side of the island and took the cruise back to Puno town.

villages and farms

just to show how blue the sky is

caught in the act of yawning

ahh..miss my long hair


  1. Amazing photos!! The sea is so blue!

  2. Yalo...kc is so right....amazing shots!
    Btw, I preferred your short hair =p

  3. thanks girls..
    I kind of miss the versatility of having long hair