Sep 11, 2010

A Basketball Game (Miami Heat vs New Jersey Nets) - 4 Jan 2009

I decided to pay my bro a visit during the Christmas holidays as I wanted to do some cheap shopping as well as getting a Coach bag :). Flew over to Chicago via KLM and it was freezing cold ...about minus 14 Celcius in Chicago and heavy snow. My flight was delayed and the plane was defreeze a few times before I could reach Chicago from Detroit.

Anyway this post was about the Miami trip whereby I managed to catch a basketball match in Miami. Yea, we drove all the way down to Miami from Orlando for four hours just to see a match and the beach. It was also the first time I watched a live NBA match. I even ased my bro why there were no commentary as I always heard in TV and then only realised it's a live match..duh..*slaps my forehead*..

The game lasted for a few extra time and end with Miami winning the game by only a small margin.

before the match start

warm up

no idea who's the player

match started


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