Sep 6, 2010

CFA competition @ London (24 March 2009)

Ok..besides only full time travelling when I was in UK for studies, I signed up for some competition due to the fact that I could go to London for free. The competition was organised by CFA and my team managed to get into the top three. We get to travel down to London and did a presentation at Thomson Reuters. The preliminary round was the competing teams needed to prepare a proposal whether to buy or sell or hold the stock of a particular company. Each team had a mentor assigned to them. My team was selected based on the voluntary participation from my class and as usual, me being the super kiasu Malaysian (with free travel thrown in), I volunteered not knowing what I signed up for. Since there were too many volunteers and only 5 were needed, the chosen ones were those with the highest marks based on our first semester results.. ( I was second highest in class based on first semester results, which even I myself could not believe). Somehow our team managed to get into the top three and we got to travel to London to present to the panel of judges. The other two teams were from Stirling and Warwick. We were third. Somehow, I think we wanted at least a second so that it wouldnt be that embarassing but still, it's a good experience and it's free travel to London.

Photos courtesy of a professional hired for the competition (taken with a Nikon D3).

my team with our super genius team leader on the left

while competing..all of us were really nervous

judges firing questions to my team

never knew I look good in OL suits

deciding on the winner. the winner get to represent UK for the Euro zone competition

after the presentation

third place.happy nonetheless

The following photos were captured using my old point and shoot Canon.

all hitting on Jared

my prize


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