Sep 17, 2010

Life in Edinburgh

Gonna dedicate this photo blog for Edinburgh, the place that I studied and lived for a year. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and also one of the major financial hub in the UK besides London. If you ever in Scotland, dont ask whether those Scottish are English coz they will hate you! The Scottish hate to be associated with English and in fact, both are not really in good terms. In Edinburgh, you can see castles, mountains, lakes, weird parliament structure, old Victorian buildings, old alleys and not forgetting experiencing winter, autumn, spring and summer in a day!

In Edinburgh, the sun only comes out probably 20 out of 365 days and when the sun is out, everyone will rush out into the parks and walks in the street.

In Edinburgh, there is no use of using an umbrella coz it will end up blown 100 miles away.

In Edinburgh, there is the famous Fringe Festival and the Military Tattoo held every August.

In Edinburgh, tourists are more than the locals especially during the festival period.

In Edinburgh, there are full of ghost stories and there is even a ghost tour.

In Edinburgh, there are plenty of gorgeous places for photograph opportunity.

Royal Mile

one of the church along Royal Mile

one of my campus

another of my campus

view from Royal Mile

Edinburgh castle

National gallery

childhood museum

Scottish parliament and Arthur's seat

man in skirt


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