Sep 25, 2010

Oxford, England (16 Nov 2008)

Radcliffe Square

After Bath, we took a train to Oxford to pay my friend a visit. We crashed at his place to save back on the accomodation and forced him to be our tourist guide..muahahaha.

Oxford is well known for the town where Oxford University is situated. There are many colleges and Christ Church is famous for the dining hall of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter film. And to get into the dining hall, tourists need to pay and queue. Another landmark worth visting is the St Mary's church tower whereby the view from up here was astounding. We could see the whole of Oxford town and the Gothic structures. Hogwarts School from Harry Potter books were inspired from Oxford itself. Oh btw, JK Rowling is from Edinburgh :)

Most of Oxford students travel by bicycle and according to my friend, bicycle theft was quite common here. There is also a famous shopping outlet in Bicester.

famous Jamie Oliver's eatery

Radcliffe square

Oxford is full of Gothic structures

the town

the university bookshop, that's where I gotten my sweatshirt

Christ Church (meadows building)

wet autumn

inside the Christ Church, dining hall not yet opened for visitors

famous Hogwarts dining hall

where the headmaster and teachers sit

inside the church

view from the St Mary church tower

another filming location for Harry Potter


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