Sep 4, 2010

Stone, stones and Stonehenge (15 Nov 2008)

If you are in UK and not visiting the Stonehenge, you are not visiting UK at all. Stonehenge is most famous stones in the world and it's situated about 3 km from Amesbury. One can reach Stonehenge via train to Salisbury and then take the tour bus organised by Stonehenge Tour.

The tour costs about 17 pound and pickup point from the Salisbury train station which also include the entrance fee. Entrance fee alone will costs bout 7 pound. Another alternative is to take a local bus which stops somewhere near the Stonehenge and just take the pictures from outside. Unless you have a super zoom camera, if you had spend thousands to fly to UK, why save on a few pound and not to see the historical site upclose. Stonehenge is particularly busy during the Summer and Winter Solstice as the entrance is free during these times.

As for me, this is the first time I travelled outside Scotland after coming to UK for studies. I took the opportunity to cover Bath and Oxford as well and skip a class on Monday. Yeap, subsequently I skipped quite a lot of classes for travel.

Sheeps..many many in the UK and in Scotland, they have black face

To prove I've been here

See.. no touch

Stonehenge from far

Before some of the stones collapse

After finishing the tour of Stonehenge, we head to Salisbury for a walk in the town as well as visit to the amazing cathedral smacked in the middle of the town. Salisbury Cathedral has the highest spire in England and a beautiful lawn inside. After that, we stumbled upon some pom pom performance by MEN..

Salisbury Cathedral..quite a sight!

the inside of the cathedral

the outer courtyard of the cathedral

the pom pom performance


  1. Oh, I LOVE all your "England" posts..esp the ones on HP! Hahaha..

  2. Haha..thn I am sure you will love Alnwick castle