Sep 13, 2010

Unforgettable Experiences

I still remember the first time when I touched down in Los Angelas and breath in the American air. It was cold, dry and windy unlike the warm and humid air back home. I had never been to the mat salleh soil and that year, 2007 was my first time stepping into another continent.

The first time I set my sight on Rome, especially the Colliseum, it was amazing. A gigantic, almost fallen apart, stadium lookalike smacked right in the middle of Rome. Felt instantly tranported back to the Roman age. Rome still remains one of my favourite place even today.

Another unforgettable experience got to be watching my first ever live FIFA world cup match in South Africa. It was totally different than watching at home on tv eventhough with a big screen and HD. TV viewers dont get to interact and take photos with the fans, do not get to listen to the deafening vuvuzelas sound, do not get to see Maradona in real person though he was very far away, do not ge to scream and shout together with 90,000 people when your team scored and do not get to experience the darn cold wind blowing to your face at night wrapping tightly in jackets and scarfs.

I still remember the moment when I set my sight on Machu Picchu. I have heard about the great place when I was still in high school and told myself one day I would step foot on the lost city of the Incas. By far, Machu Picchu is THE favourite place.

Another best or worst experience, depending how you see it would be missing so many transports during my trip to Greece. Never in my life that I missed two flights, a ferry and a train. But I guess when I looked back at those anxious moments, I could laugh at it as some of my best sights were captured when I missed the ferry.

Another moment would be watching the bull fight in Madrid. Though it was cruel, it was an eye opener. People were cheering for the death of the bull and I understand those bulls were for the sole purpose of bull fight.

I guess the best experience would be taking a year off to study in UK and at the same time fulfilling all my travel 'ambitions'. Nothing could beat that!!


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