Sep 25, 2010

A Malaysia Day - Dataran Merdeka

Bee, our 'team leader' suggested that we go around KL during Malaysia Day to take shots of the famous landmarks such as Dataran Merdeka, Tugu Negara and Batu Caves. And thus, the four of us woke up as early as 8am on a public holiday to accomplished this mission. To top things off, it was the first time that I saw such a blue blue sky in Malaysia.

We reached Dataran Merdeka around 9am and the morning sun already shinning hard on us. Bee invited two of her extremely professional friends who had gadgets which are way more canggih than our DSLR.

Dataran Mereka is a famous landmark in Kuala Lumpur whereby the independence of Malaya was announced. It was also here, our first PM shouted Merdeka! Merdeka! It was here that every year, there will be parades to celebrate Malaysia's independence day on the 31 Aug. However, for the first time, Malaysia Day was announced as a public holiday as this was the day many many years ago that Malaysia was formed.

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad


Our stunning 'team leader'