Sep 24, 2010

Bath, England (14 Nov 2008)

Bath is a town located about 100 miles from London and 15 miles from Bristol. From London, take a train from the Paddington station and stopped at Bath Spa. The journey will be approximately 1 1/2 hours. However we took a flight from Edinburgh to Bristol for a weekend which we planned to cover Bath, Oxford and the Stonehenge. It was mid of autumn and the whole countryside was in golden colours of red, orange and yellow. It was a lovely sight just to stroll along the river and immersed in the Roman Bath history.

We stayed at hostel nearby to the train station which is considered cheap by UK standards..about 13 quid. Besides the Roman Bath, other attractions are the Royal Crescent which according to my friend, it was the filming location for Sense and Sensibility. The Georgian house can be overwhelming for those who have not seen them. Later on, we loitered around the town and head back to the Bath Abbey for a night shot on the landmark before heading back to our hostel.

view from the upper level in Roman Bath

view from the lower level

one of the few 'pool'

the exterior

the town

On the way to Royal Crescent. The lovely fall colours

Royal Crescent

See the camera cant take a wide angle of the view

More Georgian house

Pulteney Bridge

Autumn leaves

view of the river

How to get there:
Take a train from the Paddington station from London and stopped at Bath Spa
Train ride is approximately 1 1/1 hours
The town is accessible on foot


  1. wow....u have taken beautiful photos of the landscapes!!!

  2. least landscapes stand still :)