Apr 10, 2010

Night Views

New York city (credits to WKY)-no tripod usage

Taking a night shot is not an easy task when you dont have the luxury of carrying your tripod around. In fact with a tripod, the shot makes such a great difference. Under the circumstances without a proper tripod, I have to rely on tong sampah. Most of the shots are taken by my bro using his old Canon camera and the rest were with my EOS. My fav :New York city and Coliseum

Coliseum , Roma (credits to WKY)

Roma (credits to WKY)

Venice (credits to WKY)

Ponte Vecchio Florence(credits to WKY)

Florence town (credits toWKY)

Edinburgh castle (credits toWKY)

Prague city hall (credits to WKY)

Prague castle (credits to WKY)

Prague old town (credits to WKY)

Charles bridge, Prague (credits to WKY)

Blue mosque , Istanbul

Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Eiffel tower , Paris (credits to WKY)

Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlo


City Hall at Munich (credits to WKY)

Charles bridge at Budapest

The parliament at Budapest

the moon at Wadi Rum, Jordan

a mosque in Amman, Jordan

Disneyland castle @ Florida

Moonlight at Greece


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