Apr 23, 2010

Seville, Spain (22-23 May 2009)

Finally the last bit on Spain. Sevilla is the capital of Andalucia and one of the largest city down south. It was in Sevilla that we watch our first and only Flamenco dance which cost us a bomb, 70 euros with two free Sangrias per person. But the Sangria had higher alcohol than the one I tasted in Edinburgh and this is the famous Flamenco in whole Seville.

Seville Cathederal

Since I was down with flu the day before, we decided to take a nap before heading out to the Seville town. My travelmate was actually quite panicked as she is scared that I was down with H1N1. The hostel that we booked were quite far away from the old town and we had to cross a few bridge to reach there. We had booked our long awaited most expensive and arguably the best Flamenco in town. We head first to the gothic cathedral and it was said that the cathederal was the volumest church in the world and third largest in the world after Vatican and London's St Paul. I was lucky to actually visited two of the three.

inside the Alcazar

the islamic carvings

more islamic inscriptions

me posing :P

La Giralda tower bell ringing

Seville bullring

After visiting the Alcazar (it's free, so must go) and the cathedral (no pics taken as they are having some ceremony inside) we headed to the bullring in Seville. After that we head on to our Flamenco dance.

Flamenco was famous in Spain especially in the Andalucia region. There are a few settings for the Flamenco, the first and most traditional is the juerga an informal, spontaneous gypsy gathering (rather like a jazz "jam session"). This can include dancing, singing, palmas (hand clapping), or simply pounding in rhythm on an old orange crate or a table. Flamenco, in this context, is organic and dynamic: it adapts to the local talent, instrumentation, and mood of the audience. One tradition remains firmly in place: the cantaores(singers) are the heart and soul of the performance. In the more professional setting , only one singer with one guitar player. (Credits to Wikipedia)

Flamenco in action

After flamenco we went for dinner and can only afford McD EUR1 burger after having a few days of lavish Spanish food. Took some night photos of the tower along the way back and retired back to the hostel. Had two German girls for roommates and manage to physcho them to go for Cordoba since they are touring the whole Andalucia and planning to skip Cordoba.

Torre de Oro

Plaza de Espana

me posing again



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