Apr 17, 2010

Granada, Spain (20-21 May 2009)

view of Granada

We reached Granada late at night but the Spanish nightlife has just started. We could see a snow capped mountain from afar and immediately lit up our sleepiness after in the train for more than 5 hours from Cordoba. We booked a hostel/inn at the heart of Granada and had to drag our luggage all the way there. My travel partner was quite angry with me for walking all the way there but then we didnt know which bus to take there and I know the way via map. Anyway we manage to reach the hostel in on piece. The room was not too bad for the price with many restaurants nearby.

Generalife Jardin

the interior of the palace

love the reflection of the architecture

The next morning, we headed to the famous Alhambra. I have initally booked the tickets to the entrance of Nasrid Palace. Alhambra consists of Jardin, fortress and palace. But the way up to the Alhambra was so tough with very steep road. We practically had to hike up. We spend a good few hours here exploring the wonders of Alhambra.
From there we went up another hill to catch the overall of Alhambra. We caught the sunset from Mirador de San Nicolas which we only manage to find after a Canadian couple brought us.

Granada is also a small town to walk on foot and there are heaps of shopping can be done here. I even manage to nick some cheap clothes. We then headed to a restaurant nearby our hotel for dinner and order our favourite Sangria..

inside of the Cathederal. Me with the big huge door

the cathederal

streets along Granada

night view of Alhambra

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