Apr 17, 2010

Cordoba, Spain (20 May 2009)

inside La Mezquita (the mosque part)

After 3 days in Madrid and the surrounding cities, it's time to leave for the famed Andalusia. Andalusia is famous for the blended cultures of east and west..with Islamic and also Christianity. The first place that we stop by is Cordoba. We decided not to stay overnight here but just a daytrip to walk and see the famous Mezquita as well as the Cordoba town.

islamic inscriptions

i just love the colors and the confusion

When we reach Cordoba, we dumped our luggage in the train station and proceed to the town area. This time we decided to take a bus to Mezquita because the entrance was free from 8 to 10am and the entrance fee was 8 euros. And yes we managed to reach Mezquita in nick of time.

the striking contrast . mosque on the left, church on the right

inside the church

Mezquita is famous for it's a mosque as well as a church..yes..two praying place for two different religions. We spend a good few hours here mesmorized by the architecture as well as trying to eavesdrop on tourist groups' guide on the history and stories beyond the Mezquita.

After Mezquita, the Spanish heat has creeped into us and we decided to eat some ice cream at a nearby shop before continuing to explore the city. Again, Cordoba town center is easy to navigate around on foot. We search for the flower street (Calleja De la Flores) whereby the narrow alley is decorated with beautiful flowers.

the exterior of Mezquita

my tired travel partner

the door of Mezquita. Dont be fool by the door

Roman bridge

the flower lane


the lovely garden inside the Alcazar

garden inside Alcazar

colourful flowers everywhere

We then headed to the Alcazar and also the Roman bridge before catching the evening train to Granada where we going to spend the next two nights and the last pit stop for Andalucia.


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