Apr 17, 2010

My top ten travel list

The top ten places on my travel list at least for the next few years would be:

1. Tibet, blamed it on Gems of Life..though I didnt like the show(planning for next year)

2. Hokkaido for the lavender season

3. Argentina/Chile (maybe in two years time..)

4. The Caribbean ..Cuba, Bahamas

5. New Zealand (always want to do this as a road trip after watching LOTR)

6. Lapland & Norway for the midnight sun or Northern lights.. couldnt catch it the last time in Iceland

7. Russia & Mongolia (wanna do the Trans Siberian)

8. China ..yess I have been around Europe and US but not China except for Shenzen...this for Jiu Jai Gou, Yunnan province (Kunming, Dali, Shangrila), Beijing (Great wall and Forbidden city)

9. Agra for Taj Mahal

10. Victoria Falls and Masai Mara

11. ok extra one more for Taiwan ( next year perhaps)


  1. OMG! You actually have a Top 10 list?? I couldn't make one..cos the list will be never-ending! Hahaha...


  2. yup yup..haha...my motivation :)