Apr 24, 2010

Lisbon , Portugal (23-25 May 2009)

We took a 7 hour bus from Seville all the way to Lisbon as there train from Andalucia was quite scarce. By the time we took the metro to our hostel , it was late at night. We decided to book one of the highest ranking hostel in hostelworld and to our surprise, the hostel indeed live up to the its ranking. We got a room which was quite nice for our 3 nights stay for bout 30 euros per night. However the decoration of the room was quite weird as there were this photo/painting of a scene similiar to CSI.

see the white paper on the wall..I had to cover a dead body picture

The next day we woke up early to get to Belem which is about 20 mins aways from Lisbon. The town itself was full of historical monuments such as this huge monastery and of course the tower of BElem. There was this tower/I also not sure what the hell is it.. where it has all the famous Portuguese voyagers that I learnt in Sejarah Tingkatan 4 such as Vasco Da Gama and also Alfonso Du Albuqueque who conquered Malacca and also the famous prince which name I have forgotten that started out all this world voyagers and conquering.

Jeronimos Monastery

Vasco Da Gama bridge. All the famous Portuguese voyagers. Including Alfonso du Albuqueque

Gigantic ME towering over the Belem tower, one of the UNESCO world heritage

inside the Belem tower

the tastiest portuguese tartplus it's ori !! after this, msian tarts taste so so only

some Portuguese culture parade along Baixa Chido shopping street. She actually smile when I snap her photo.

colourful chairs

the red rooftop houses

Castelo De San Jorge

trams in Lisbon. There are many hills around the town

Baixa shopping street

Senato square


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