Apr 24, 2010

Lake Geneva, Swiss (26-27 May 2009)

Chateau D Chillon

From Portugal, we flew to Geneva via Easyjet. One thing I love bout Europe is that it's very cheap to fly around the continent and not spending much on accomodation if you can take hostel.

Swiss is famous for her watches and Geneva in particular is the capital of the Red Cross. I went to Swiss for Swatch and Swiss Army knife. Since there is nothing much to see in Geneva, we decided to go to Lausanne and areas around Lake Geneva.

The next day we head towards Lausanne and left our bags in Geneva's hostel as later in the evening, we would leave for Bern. However, we overestimated our time and left for Montreux too late for the Panaromic train. We make it for the Panaromic train around late evening. Initially I wanted to stop at one of the station for the scenary but my travelmate insist of going up to the end of the station. Because of this we had to take the slow train down and by the time we reach Lausanne, it was almost middle of the night. We had to take the last train to Bern without our luggage and had to stay overnight there as we had booked the hostel. But the worst thing was my travel partner put the blame on me for not properly organizing the trip while she say she did all the research for the initial part of our trip (in real fact I was the one did most of the research).

the famous fountain



inside the Chateau

the panaromic view from the train which cause us to miss the last train back to Geneva

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