Apr 3, 2010

Madrid, Spain (17-19 May 2009)

the matador in action

the picadores


the white cows

Bullfights, a custom often associated with the Spaniards, though cruel but interesting to watch. Dont get me wrong, I am definately not an advocate for animal cruelty but since this one of the culture of Spain, I went and watch anyway. And I actually had to plan so that we travelled to Madrid when there was bullfight since the fights were only weekly. They had more frequent bullfights during the summer and one of the more famous bullfight ring is located in Plaza De Toros De Madrid.

Every summer, bullfight match will be held frequently almost every week. In a bullfight match, the matador is not only the person killing the bull (yes..the bull will have to die in the end or else it's consider an embarrasment to the matador if the bull could not even die properly). Bullfight is divided into 4 major parts. There will be 3 matadors with 2 bull each, so 6 bulls will be killed in the process. The matadors are assisted by picadores who ride on horseback and also flagmens.

Ok..all this information I actually eavesdropped on these American girls talking to a Spanish dude, who surprisingly speak fluent English. The Spanish dude was explaining to the girls how watch the fight and what was going on. That's the reason I can understand what is going on during the fight including when there was a time where white cows were released into the ring to lead the male bull back. It seems this happen when the bull is incompetent to fight..but at least the bull is safe from slaughter

outside Plaza Del Toros

inside the bullfight ring

When the bull is let into the ring, the matador will first test the bull. Then the picadores will enter the ring to weakened the bull. The horse that the picadores riding will be shield and blindfolded. Next, the flagmen will go into the ring to further weakened the bull with more stabs. Finally the 'hero', the matador will enter the ring and show his skils. For information, we purchased the bullfight tickets online from this website and since we were in a budget, we bought the cheapest ticket costing about 11 Euros, which was directly facing the sun.

After the bull match, we travel around Madrid which is also the capital of Spain. There were nothing much of sightseeing around Madrid except some trademark Bear licking the strawberry tree and the palace. The next two days in Madrid is spend day tripping to Segovia and Toledo.

The Palace and courtyard

the Bear and the Strawberry tree


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