Apr 25, 2010

Lucerne, Swiss (28 May 2009)

Since the previous day we stay overnight in Bern without our luggage, we had to go back to Geneva to collect our bags and the return journey took us more than 4 hours..just wasted 4 hours on that ..sighhh

To make things worst, I didnt had my specs and contact lens container with me the night before. I had to throw away my lens and without my specs I was as blind as a bat. Had to rely on my travel mate to get back to Geneva where we were not much in talking terms. She was angry with me and I was with her...

By the time we got back to Bern with my specs on, she decided to take a nap while I wanted to explore Lucerne. So we went our separate ways and I hop on the 1 hour train journey to Lucerne. Lucerne is consider one of the most beautiful town in Swiss and indeed she was.

I took a slow stroll along the lake, take lots of pictures with different angle and walking along the narrow streets. Caught the sight of the lion which was the monument to remember dead soldiers with many many tourists from China (which comprise of all men strangely)

I got my Swiss army knife here with my name engrave on it. After waiting for some time for the clouds to move away to get a nicer picture, decided to take the train back to Bern.

the famous bridge

the dying lion signifies the dying soldier


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