Apr 10, 2010

Famous Bridges Around the World

Ok I am getting addicted in posting all these photos according to themes. Once and still are, I am obssess with bridges, anykind of bridges... and wherever I go, I tend to take photos of bridges..Some of the photos are taken by my dad during our US trip in 2007 and some during the Europe trip with bro in 2008 right before I left for my studies in the UK.

Ponte Vecchio @ Florence , Italy

Rialto bridge @ Venice, Italy


Chain bridge @ Budapest, Hungary

Charles bridge @ Prague

a bridge in Ojcow Park, Krakow Poland

at Seville, Spain

Roman bridge at Cordoba, Spain

Vasco Da Gama bridge @ Lisbon, Portugal

Pont D Avignon, Avignon France

London Bridge @ Lake Tahoe, USA (said to be the original one)

Golden Gate Bridge @ San Francisco, USA

Zaanse Schans , Amsterdam

Chapel bridge @ , Lucerne, Swiss

Tyne Bridge @ Newcastle

Wesminister bridge at London


  1. Gosh, Europe are full of bridges!! I think there are hundreds of them in Paris alone! Well, you should include Putrajaya in your "portfolio". There are a couple of nice bridges there. :D


  2. yup..i totally forgotten bout our own Malaysia bridges