Apr 17, 2010

Segovia, Spain (19 May 2009)

The Roman Aqueduct

Enough of theme based posts, decided to hop back to my Spain trip. This time, we head off to Segovia, about half an hour away from Madrid. We took the bus from the bus station from Madrid and again we were given directions in circle. This time we didnt believe the information in wikitravel and it turns out that the information was correct. Wikitravel is like my bible for travel and I usually print out all the information before travel. The plus point about this is that I will throw those travel guides that I had visited the city and reduce the weight of my luggage instead of bringing a travel book around ...smart right :)

once of the churches

on the way to the Alcazar

Notice the two ladies on the balcony

they are not real

another church
Anyway, back to Segovia. Segovia is a town full of Roman influence and the name itself might probably mean fortress. Once we enter the town, we can see the famous Aquaduct from far. It was huge ..actually beyond hugeness and the sight was stunning!!Ok I have never seen a Roman aquaduct in my life..so maybe a bit over excited :)

We pose and pose around the aquaduct, trying to get the nicest angle..(I so love my DSLR!!)
Next, we explore the town on foot. One thing I love about European town is that once you get to the town,all the major attractions are easily get to via foot except for Barcelona, Madrid..and Paris(dont ever make the same mistake like I do..will blog that in another time)

the cathderal

The cathderal entrance


The Cinderella's castle inspired Alcazar

Alcazar in and out

the mosaic garden inside the Alcazar

We set off to the Alcazar, a castle in which Disney's Cinderella castle is inspired on. The castle was beautiful, majestic and it does resemble Cinderella's castle. A local who can speak decent English told us to go to the garden beneath the hill to get a nother view of the castle. 5 days in the Spanish soil and I realised that Spaniards are so friendly.Even they cant speak fluent English, they will try their best to help out with directions.

the snowy mountain. view from the Alcazar
It was the pollen season and on the way down we spotted so many pollens floating around. It was another first added to my experience list.


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