Apr 2, 2010

Barcelona, Spain (15-16 May 2009)

Next stop: Barca!

I've heard lots of people telling me that Barca cant be covered in 2 days and we had like 1 and half days to cover the major spots of Barca. We took the train from Avignon and travel down south to the Spanish border and into Barcelona, the first pit of 8 days around Spain.
we checked into this small backpackers around the corner of the metro in the city. It was walking distance to the Casa Batlo and Sagrada Familia, the famous unfinished church, temple, worshipping place...

After we dump our luggage, we took the bus up to Park Guell, another famous landmark by the famous Gaudi. In Barca, basically, one can see many trails of Gaudi famous works including the unique design and claims that his architecture reflects the human body well.

We walked back down from the park and took the metro to Casa Batlo, another famous works by Gaudi. This attraction is considered one of the most expensive but seriously worth the price. The interior was gorgeous plus with the audio guide, one could understand why certain structures are build that way.
At night we took the opportunity to see Sagrada Familia lit up with lights. True to be told, it does looks like bones under that graze of the stars

The next day, we head to the Sagrada Familia to see the interior before leaving for Valencia in the afternoon, which sadly we miss the train and need to take the next one. Anyway, it's not the first time I miss train so it's kind of normal to me but my travel mate a bit stress up :)
The interior was amazing with incredible structure.In fact, after this Barca trip, I fall in love with
all Gaudi works!


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